Dr. Iris Davidson Animal Chiropractor

Iris Davidson Horse Adjustment

Dr. IRIS DAVIDSON, D.C. grew up in Golden, Colorado with a strong passion for animals. At a young age, she began taking riding lessons, and developed a strong interest in learning about all things horse related. She attended Colorado State University, originally studying Equine Science. After transferring to Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, she graduated with a degree in Sociology. She was particularly fascinated with the human-horse connection. While working in multiple local Chiropractic offices, Iris was introduced to the powerful impact Chiropractic care has on the lives of humans and animals alike. Having found her calling, she was urged to become a Chiropractor herself, and graduated from Life Chiropractic College West with honors. In 2018 she also received her Animal Chiropractic Certification through A.C.E.S. She loves having the opportunity to serve the Durango community with quality animal Chiropractic care!

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Slide "Iris was born to do what she does! Her passion and love for life radiates from her and makes for a transformative session when she adjusts our dogs, Suri and Zennie. Iris truly cares for our girls and is adept and sensitive to their body language. Our dogs have breakthroughs during and after their adjustments. Most notably, when socializing and traveling." Kate, Suri
and Zennie

Slide “Iris is gifted in intellect and an immense capacity for kindness, which coupled with her keen intuition, makes her a talented chiropractor. Our horse was stumbling behind for several months and my local vet was concerned and suggested we see a vet who specializes in equine lameness. Before our visit with the next vet, Iris came and adjusted her and when the second vet evaluated her we could find nothing wrong. It really was one of those remarkable stories.” Keri
and Five

Slide “Cora often gets stiff and resistant under saddle. I can tell within a few days after getting adjusted by Iris that she is more comfortable and willing to bend and stretch! I have had multiple chiropractors work on my horses before but none have been as thorough or gentle as Iris. ” Bonny
and Cora

Slide “Dr. Iris is amazing with my Teacup Yorkie. After one session, Mackie seems to be perkier and her eyes are brighter.” Tanya
and Mackie

Slide “My little man Finn has luxating patellas, his left knee was out of socket and couldn’t be popped back in, at 8 1/2 I thought his hiking days were over. After the 1st adjustment with Dr Iris he was walking straighter, his knees were popping out of place less and he was back to enjoying long hikes and backpacking trips again. Dr Iris is so sweet and gentle with him I could not be more thankful for the difference she has made for him!” Amy
and Finn