Horse, Dog and Human Chiropractic Services

At Durango Animal Chiropractor I specialize in high quality, compassionate horse and dog chiropractic services. I provide adjustments for animals (and people) in Durango, Hesperus, Bayfield, Ignacio and the surrounding southwest Colorado region. For all of my adjustments, I take time to ensure I understand the concerns or specific issues before I start adjusting. I believe in taking the time and moving slowly to keep the animal as relaxed as possible.

Many animals accumulate repetitive stress which can lead to injuries and health complications down the road. Chiropractic care primarily addresses the nervous system of the animal, which increases their performance by allowing greater freedom of structure and energy that promotes improved biomechanics, greater health, and mental acuity. Chiropractic also promotes preventative care for your animals to keep them healthy, comfortable and fully functioning throughout their lifetime.


Rates/Scheduling for Equine Adjustments

Horse adjustments are $175 and include travel time, adjustment and discussion about your horse’s needs. Most equine adjustments take around 45 minutes. Ranch or barn calls are made for all equine chiropractic appointments. To schedule an appointment call or text Iris at 720-937-4342

Chiropractic Care for Horses

Horses are deeply impacted by and tremendously benefit from chiropractic work. All horses in any discipline, from trail riding, or competitive roping to dressage greatly benefit from chiropractic care. We as owners, riders, and trainers ask our horses to do remarkable things for us. Whether it be barrel racing, cutting, reining, team roping, cross country, eventing, dressage or jumping, our animals show great courage and trust in performing their best.

Chiropractic care is one great way to keep them at the top of their game and show appreciation for their efforts. Chiropractic improves the performance of the animal by allowing freedom of structure and energy, which promotes improved biomechanics, superior movement, greater mental clarity, and increased awareness.

Many animals accumulate repetitive stress patterns, which often lead to injuries and complications down the road. Some examples include: navicular syndrome, ring bone, laminitis, joint subluxations and dislocations, torn muscles and ligaments, inflammation, premature arthritis, and paralysis.

Chiropractic promotes preventative care for your animal to keep them healthy and fully functioning throughout their lifetime. Traditional veterinary medicine treats injuries, symptomatology, and lameness, while chiropractic seeks out to correct bio-mechanical errors, subluxation, and neurologic energetic loads. Though not a substitute for veterinary medicine, when used in combination chiropractic care can support traditional care to provide your animal with the best possible health.

How to Recognize Chiropractic Issues with Your Horse

  • Has your horse’s behavior or performance changed recently?
  • Does unusual or fluctuating lameness exist?
  • Does the rider have difficulty sitting straight on the horse?
  • Has the rider or trainer noticed changes in the various gaits?
  • Does the horse drag its feet or are the shoes worn down on one side?

Quick Tip: Examining Mobility in Your Horse

  • Using a treat if necessary, ask the horse to turn its head and neck to the side so that it touches its shoulder with its nose. Less mobility one side compared to the other could indicate a problem in the cervical vertebrae.
  • Test the overall rear movement of the horse by scratching with your thumb and forefinger between the root of the tail and the point of the hip. Inability to flex their pelvis may be the cause of a structural impingement or decreased neurological function. Use caution working in this area as some horses may be reactive to this reflex.
  • Run your fingers along both sides of the spine with medium pressure to see if there are areas that show increased sensitivity or discomfort.
Iris with horse and dog
Iris adjusting horse
Iris with two horses
Iris Riding

Small Animals

Iris adjusting dog
Iris adjusting dog paw

Rates/Scheduling for Canine Adjustments

Iris is an experienced chiropractor with a passion for helping animals of all sizes. Initial canine adjustments are $75 and then are $65 for all future appointments in the downtown Durango office. The office is open from 12:00-5:30pm on Wednesdays and 12:00-4:00pm on Fridays. Click here to book an adjustment for your canine companion today!

Understanding Chiropractic Care for Dogs

Chiropractic care for your dog can greatly enhance their performance, longevity, and attitude. Chiropractic adjustments over the course of your dogs life will help them to live a healthier happier life. Animals that get adjusted throughout their lives do not have many of the problems that comes with aging in their non-chiropractic counterparts.

Although there are things to look for in your dog to see if they should be examined it is better to have your dog adjusted occasionally to ensure that they are as healthy as they can be. Many conditions occur in animals because owners wait until they see a problem before they do anything. However, most conditions have been developing in the animal for a while and are not symptomatic enough for the owner to pick up on.


Rates/Scheduling for Human Adjustments

Iris is also an experienced chiropractor for people and offers adjustments for $65. You will need to setup an initial evaluation appointment ($95) and then all future appointments will be $65. The downtown Durango office is open from 12:00-5:30pm on Wednesdays and 12:00-4:00pm on Fridays. Click here to book an adjustment today!