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This September is a fun-filled month; most notable is a series of clinics Dr. Petra will be teaching at the legendary Wagon Wheel Ranch during their Ranching Heritage Weekend & Production Sale.

If you are not familiar with the Wagon Wheel Ranch, well any Quarter Horse fan has probably seen their horses at one point. These Foundation Horses have a walking stick on the left thigh. They are gorgeous, functional and a joy to ride. The ranch has a rich history:

Our breeding program is primarily designed to concentrate the blood of specific legendary sires (King P-234, Royal King, Joe Hancock, Blue Valentine, Mr. San Peppy, and Driftwood) to produce some of the greatest using and performing horses with impeccable bloodlines, strong bones, great cow instincts, and a gentle disposition – the type of horse you will be proud to own and be mounted on!

Built originally by the late visionary, Fred G. Gist, today we continue his legacy by furthering the Wagon Wheel Ranch Breeding Program and producing more top-quality using and performance horses with the versatility, disposition and training to meet the needs of the ranch, the trail and the arena.

During their annual Ranching Heritage Weekend, I am proud to be teaching several equine clinics to attendees and VIPs.


WWR RHW 2015

If you are in the market for a great horse, be sure to check out the available Quarter Horses from the Wagon Wheel Ranch.

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