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Iris was born to do what she does...

Iris was born to do what she does! Her passion and love for life radiates from her and makes for a transformative session when she adjusts our dogs, Suri and Zennie. Iris truly cares for our girls and is adept and sensitive to their body language. Our dogs have breakthroughs during and after their adjustments. Most notably, when socializing and traveling.

It is beyond amazing to watch Suri and Zennie during an adjustment because their commissures relax to the point they are smiling and they look in total bliss. While Iris works on their structures, tension and holding patterns melt from their muscles and their postures immediately correct. Their flexibility improves and high-strung tendencies soften. Suri and Zennie turn into refreshed, relaxed, and playful dogs.
We so love our dogs and to see them grow into their unique personalities supported by Iris’ work is absolutely rewarding. Both are rescues and to encourage them to love, trust, and release trauma affirms for us all it’s okay to let go and heal.
We notice the girls are open to meeting new people and want to play with other dogs. They want to play with one another, a big step in their development since adopting Zennie. We spend as much time as possible outdoors, and Zennie is now comfortable traveling. Packing for camping made her nervous, but now she knows it means adventure!
Suri and Zennie are more than just dogs to us; they are fascinating sentient creatures who have a lot to teach us. We are excited to see what happens next as our sessions continue with Iris and as our girls blossom into their potentials. We hit the jackpot with Iris’ training and expertise. There is always something new to learn from her and, of course, our girls.”

~ Kate M.

An immense capacity for kindness...
Dr Iris working her magic

Iris is gifted in intellect and an immense capacity for kindness, which coupled with her keen intuition, makes her a talented chiropractor. Our horse was stumbling behind for several months and my local vet was concerned it was neurological and suggested we see a vet who specializes in equine lameness.  Before our visit with the next vet, Iris came and adjusted her and when the second vet evaluated her we could find nothing wrong. It really was one of those remarkable stories, and she’s been back to work on the ranch for two months now and doing great.  I have no doubt Iris has found her calling and will help many animals and humans achieve wellness for years to come.

~ Keri

All animals benefited...
Helen jumping at a show.
Helen jumping at a show.

Petra has been working on my horses and dogs for many years. She is very gentle with my old dogs, and tries her best with my squirmy young lab. She has a beautiful, compassionate energy that radiates to the animals she is working on. She puts them at ease and the adjustments come more easily then.

Dr. Petra has been a major factor in helping my event horse recover from a serious injury to his right hind leg.  That is a picture of him now.

All my animals have benefited greatly from her help and expertise. She cares and they know it.”

~ Helen Guidotti

Healing For Both...

Dearest Petra,
OMG……you created a miracle today!  I feel like I have my Taj back!  He only went under the deck just a couple times today, but no shaking or trauma and he came out when I called him!  He really seems like himself again! Thank you so much for your great work…I could cry with joy!  Also, I feel like I have my energy back too, thanks so much for taking care of BOTH of us!

Love you Dearly!
~ Shine

More fluid and happy...
Dixie, CL & Libby
Dixie, CL & Libby

If you have been considering having your horse adjusted, I highly recommend Petra. She is amazing. She is not only very kind, accomplished and professional, but is obviously extremely passionate about what she does.

Initially I was a little skeptical about the idea, but within about two seconds of watching her work on my horse, CL, my mind was completely changed. I ride him about 5 days a week and he had been feeling tight, sticky, not wanting to move out etc. etc. Since his adjustments he has been much more fluid and happy.

She adjusted me as well and corrected YEARS of imbalance on my part which I am sure caused some of CL’s issues. We are now so much more in tune with each other both mentally and physically. My seat is better and I feel like I am truly part of him when we ride – such a beautiful thing.

Petra also adjusted my big mare, Dixie, who has a mechanical lameness, heel issues, you name it and now she is trotting around my field like a filly. The next horse to get an adjustment will be my little mare, Libby.

For those of us who love horses, I don’t think there is anything better than to see our horses comfortable and happy. For all the joy they give me, they deserve it. My horses and I are so grateful to have found Petra. She changed our lives. I am pretty sure she is magic!

~Beth V.