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There are a number of benefits for horses to enjoy from Chiropractic Care.

All horses in any discipline, from trail riding, or competitive roping to dressage greatly benefit from chiropractic care. We as owners, riders, and trainers ask our horses to do remarkable things for us. Whether it be barrel racing, cutting, reining, team roping, cross country, eventing, dressage or jumping, our animals show great courage and trust in performing their best. Horses are deeply impacted by and tremendously benefit from chiropractic work.

How to Recognize Issues with Your Horse
Qualified chiropractors are trained to recognize and address subluxations. However, riders, horse trainers and owners can monitor whether or not their horses have spinal problems. Inspecting the spine before purchasing an animal is just as important as inspecting the legs and conformation.

Your own observations in your horse
Consider your horse’s recent performance and demeanor:

  • Has your horse’s behavior or performance changed recently?
  • Does unusual or fluctuating lameness exist?
  • Does the rider have difficulty sitting straight on the horse?
  • Has the rider or trainer noticed changes in the various gaits?
  • Does the horse drag its feet or are the shoes worn down on one side?

Examining mobility in your horse
The horse should be able to move freely in all directions without tension, with or without a rider.

  • Using a treat if necessary, ask the horse to turn its head and neck to the side so that it touches its flank with its nostrils. Less mobility one side compared to the other could indicate a problem in the cervical vertebrae.
  • Butt Tucks – Test the overall rear movement of the horse by scratching with thumb and forefinger on the posterior flank of the horse 45o between the root of the tail and the point of the hip. Inability to do this may be the cause of a structural impingement or decreased neurological function.

Watch this a great introduction to what that looks like as Dr. Petra adjusts Jazz…

Pretty awesome, huh!

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  1. i would like to talk to someone about unexplained bucking.

    I use the phone so my number is 259-0075.
    Do you have a phone listing?

  2. Fascinating! Quickest adjustment in the west! You could see Jazz liked it and was so relaxed at the end.

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