Durango Animal Chiropractor


Dr. IRIS DAVIDSON, D.C. grew up in Golden, Colorado with a strong passion for animals. At a young age, she began taking riding lessons, and developed a strong interest in learning about all things horse related. She attended Colorado State University, originally studying Equine Science. After transferring to Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, she graduated with a degree in Sociology, and was particularly fascinated with the human-horse connection. While working in multiple local Chiropractic offices, Iris was introduced to the powerful impact Chiropractic care has on the lives of humans and animals alike. Having found her calling, she was urged to become a Chiropractor herself, and graduated from Life Chiropractic College West with honors, and also received her Animal Chiropractic Certification through A.C.E.S. in 2018. She is thrilled to work with Dr. Petra Sullwold and continue to serve the Durango community with quality animal Chiropractic care!

Petra with horseDR. PETRA SULLWOLD, D.C. grew up in Austria around horses. She started riding at age 4 when her father bought her a very opinionated little Shetland pony mare named “Sheriff.” Despite initial challenges with Sheriff, a deep bond developed between the pair. Sheriff became Petra’s first teacher in her journey with horses. Over the years Dr. Petra, not only developed a passion for riding, but also for working with horses. Originally an equine sports massage therapist for 7 years, Petra made the switch to animal chiropractic after observing the amazing benefits animals gained after being adjusted. She was fortunate to have studied under several gifted mentors for more than 15 years. She received her Animal Chiropractic Certification through the OPTIONS FOR ANIMALS program in Wellsville, Kansas in 2008 and is certified by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association. In 2000, she received her Equine Sports Massage Certification with the prestigious school of Equinology in California.

Additionally, Dr. Petra has studied under some of the greatest names in the world of horse health, such as: Equine Biomechanics with Barb Crabbe, DVM, Equine Nutritional Management with Dr. Robert E. Bray, and Advanced Saddle Fitting with Dr. Kerry J. Ridgeway, DVM and Master Saddler A.J. Foster. To further her skills, she has participated in multiple Equitation Clinics with Major Miguel Tavora, Master of Equitation and protégé of Nuno Oliviera.And, Dr. Petra is currently completing her Diplomat in Chiropractic Neurology at Carrick Institute.

“Adjusting a horse reminds me why I love being a chiropractor. They don’t place a limit to what an adjustment can do for them in their performance or well being.”

Besides operating a full time animal-practice, she also co-owns ATLAS SPECIFIC in Durango, Colorado with her husband, Dr. Clayton Sullwold. Dr. Petra enjoys drawing upon her vast background to serve her clientele, be they two-legged or four, in maintaining their highest level of health and performance possible.



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